Saturday, March 28, 2009

And more....

Well, like I said, they all wanted one, so guess how I kept busy today! I must say, I do have cute boys. :>) I hope you have all been creative in some way today. If you have, add a reply to this blog. Whoever I think was the most creative will get a prize. The winner will be posted on Wednesday. (I'll give you until Tuesday to be creative...sure hope you came in to give Lisa a rub!)


  1. Sheila these are great! I LOVE this idea!!!

  2. Well I had a fairly creative weekend! (maybe not as much as I would have liked though) I have been busy working on June classes and am now half way done! (does this count) :)

  3. This weekend I did a bit of scrapping. I made a layout using only PP scraps. It is a "patchwork quilt"-type layout, and I even used scrap CS for the photo mats. It's wonderful to use up scraps to make something wonderful. It's like getting a layout for free!

    I also acquired some supplies to get my creative juices flowing on the weekend. On Saturday morning I went to a "Freecycle" event - someone had offered her extra scrapbooking and altered art supplies for anyone who wanted to come by and look through them. I spent some time looking through the stuff she had, and ended up with some Prima flowers, some altered art supplies (ie. dominos to alter, stamped images, and old postcards), and some papers to use in my scrapping.

    Getting new supplies always inspires me and gets my creativity going. I had a million ideas going through my head by the time I left her house, and I can't wait to actually use some of the supplies I got and make some of the things I imagined!

    Of course I had to follow that up with a visit to the store in the afternoon for one of the $5 kits and some new patterned paper!

    All in all, a good weekend!


  4. I know I'm too late, but I did do a couple of layouts on the weekend; some recent photos, and some from 3 years ago. And I sorted my photos from last year's trip to Florida.

    Today I made a tutu for DD. Does that count ;-)

    Jennifer (JennGB from HP)