Monday, August 10, 2009

A Wet Festival

Well I must say that the Festival of Friends was quite an adventure for us. The weather did not co-operate, yet still I was amazed at the number of people who attended. Friday was a nice day. There was quite an interest in our $5 layouts and we were even able to get some folks to have a seat and make a page right then and there. Most of you brought your kits home. The samples will be in the store and the photos are in a previous post to help you assemble them. There are still kits left and they are available to purchase at the store.

Saturday was wet wet wet! Thanks to the efforts of my amazing husband the Mobile Memory Keeper was sporting a new awning. What a saver that was! We managed to stay dry and happily not everyone was deterred by the rain. We made new contacts and hopefully will see some of those new faces at the store.

Sunday started off very wet and lightening ended the music early in the day. But in a few hours the sun came back out again and the festival was back in full swing as it got hotter and hotter.... the hottest day of the summer apparently. Inside a trailer isn't where you want to be on the muggiest day of the year...but there were some die hards who managed to find us and were not deterred from going inside the trailer to check it out.

Around 9:15 a frenzy of packing up around us began as a lightening instead of the musicians became the show of the evening. When the wind lifted my awning and a clamp came off, I decided that packing up early was indeed a very good idea. I got everything inside just as the downpour began. The next task on my husbands list will be to put a handle on the INSIDE of the trailer door for times when I need to take refuge inside from very vicious elements.

What an adventure!

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