Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Free Silhouette Download

I actually completed 4 double page layouts on the weekend. One of them was a Great Wolf Lodge layout. Since I didn't have just the right wolf die, I created my own silhouette cut file. I have uploaded the file to the website to share with you. Just add it to your shopping cart and check out. Your shopping cart will say that it is 1cent to download the file. The website would not let me put up a product with no price. You will have to check out of the shopping cart as if you were making a purchase (and if you want to do that at the same time, I certainly won't complain). Fill in all the fields required. For a credit card number, put the first four digits of a real credit card number and the rest zeros. This will trick the system into allowing the order to come through to us and your file will come through to you. This is my first attempt at adding downloadable files to the shopping cart, and my first time sharing my GSD files, so let me know how it works for you! Click here to get to the download.


  1. This download would be great if your doing Wolf Cub (Scouts) pictures too!

  2. Post the layout you did, id love to see it