Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lots of NEW stuff!

I've been trying since Monday to get an email out to tell you about all of the new stuff that has come in, but just when I think I have a free moment, more boxes arrive. I'm still in the thick of it, but I'm taking a very quick break to post. The email will have to wait for a bit. Here is a quick review of new items that have arrived. I'll probably forget to mention some, and I'm sure there will be more boxes tomorrow, so the best thing to do is come and visit me. (I might even give you a box to help me unload! lol_

SEI 3 new lines including a Christmas one. Oh so wonderful.

My Minds Eye 2 lines. You will die for the Lost and Found collection. Seriously.

NEW QUICKUTZ Yes I am indeed shouting that one. Can you believe it. It is September 1st and my Spring gift sets are here, as well as a lot of backorders. Ok, I won't harp on it any longer, Quickutz has been having a rough go of it lately.

Penny Black In all fareness I must tell you that these stamps are still in the box and I have not even peeked at them yet. I bet you didn't think I had the willpower. No willpower, but no time either. But if you come in and ask, I'll get that box open. Actually, Kim will probably have it all out tomorrow.

Hero Arts Christmas stamps - already out on the shelf and selling.

Worldwin Cardstock - Ok so maybe that doesn't sound so thrilling to you, but all of those empty racks are now pretty full. We now have three different brands of cardstock. There isn't anything you will be without....textured, smooth, coloured core, embossed, glittered. Delighful!

PLUS, have I mentioned these yet.....New 3 bugs, Karen Foster, Imaginese Sassafrass Lass

I'm sure the list will be longer by tomorrow! This is fun! Boy I sure to like my job! :>)

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