Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The good thing about having a Blog is that I can post things even if they are totally unrelated to the blog topic, and nobody is going to boot me or delete it. :>) What a lucky Girl I am. Hubby and I have birthday one day (and many years) apart. We took a few days away from work, and I just have to show off a couple of photos I took of my men while we were away. What a blessed woman I am! With mother's day having just passed, I hope that many of you were also able to reflect on how blessed you are..even if you are not a mother I hope there are people in your life that make you feel blessed!! I challenge you to scrapbook how blessed you are!


  1. VERY blessed.thanks for Sharing!

  2. Such cute photos! And I agree about being blessed. I try and think of at least one or two ways that I'm blessed each day! If you take the time to do this everyday, it make the "great stuff" in your life even better and the "yucky stuff" seem not so bad!