Friday, February 6, 2009

Available $5 Layouts

These are the $5 Layouts that are currently available in the store. (I apologize for how the colour came out on some of the photos) Please keep in mind that there are a limited number of each kit. From time to time we will re-do a kit with similar papers if it has been popular, but it is best to get in as soon as you can if you see a layout you would like to do. You can drop by to do $5 layouts anytime there is no class going on. Don't forget to bring your adhesive!!


  1. This is awesome! I actually just bought 2 of these $5 layouts and was going to bring my camera in to take a picture so I could do them at home and now I don't have to! I am a long time customer at Memory Keeper and I am thrilled to see a blog. Great work!

    Cindy Ramsay

  2. This blog is a great idea, let me know if I can help.